Daddy Bent-Legs

Neil Matheson

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The 40-Year-Old Musings of a Physically Disabled Man, Husband, and Father

Told through a series of eclectic anecdotes, Daddy Bent-Legs was never intended as a serious autobiography. The author does tackle a few serious topics - such as discrimination, for instance - but usually, even the more critical and honest reflections are balanced with a healthy dose of humor. An entertaining, impactful, and inspirational testimony for readers of all ages...

Neil Matheson
is a first-time writer from western Canada, currently residing in Surrey, British Columbia, (near the outskirts of Vancouver). Born on March 25, 1968, he entered the world with a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy. From that day forward, Neil experienced life on a pair of crutches, walked through life on a pair of bent legs. Despite his physical handicap, Neil grew up like any regular kid. While not raised in a Christian home per se, Neil did manage to reach adulthood with at least some understanding of who God is. Now, at forty-one years of age, the author reflects back on his life story. A journey on crutches, including struggle, triumph, acceptance, love, and salvation... all re-told within the pages of this book.

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