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Lando's Picks

Lando is the owner of House of James, the head of this bookstore ship. He started selling  books in 1973 from a small storefront in Mission B.C. The store also had a residence in the back where Lando and several others lived. Lando enjoys fast paced thrillers, biographies and books on how to understand the Bible in light of the various issues of the day (or maybe the other way around).  He does not mind reading books that present ideas quite different from his own, always trying to stay curious and questioning. He says he wants to keep learning and reading his whole life, saying there is a lot more to learn even after 47 years of bookselling. 
Elise's Picks
Elise is our token American married to a Canadian. She loves anything Disney, coffee and ice cream! Her reading preferences are in fiction (especially if it's historical), biographies/memoirs and silly jokes. In the store she helps out with the ordering of Adult Fiction and Childrens books, Bible imprinting, cards, mail-outs, receiving, as well as tidying and restocking shelves (basically, she does a bit of everything). You can find her Tuesday to Saturday. 
Doreen's Picks
Jordan's Picks
Jordan is our youngest bookstore employee and we love her! She is a student at Trinity Western University working towards becoming a teacher. Two of her favourite subjects are biology and psychology. And she also LOVES travelling. She spends most of her time in the store up at the front counter, but she also makes many of our lovely signs, runs our instagram account and helps with our email blast. You can find her in store Fridays and Saturdays.
Doris's Picks
Doris handles the till and mail orders. One of Doris' dreams was to get locked in the House of James with a good cup of coffee where she could read books to her heart's content. She loves historical fiction, romantic comedies, suspense and action (no gore please) and biographies of people who changed their worlds. She can usually be found around the front counter ready to give you advice on the latest book she has read.
Pierre's Picks
Pierre is the resident geek and Bible sourcing guy. He enjoys many book genres including Fiction, action, suspense, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, historical.
Of all the books in the world, only one was given to us by our loving Father so that we might know Him and His will. Since He has given us His word and preserved it through the millenia, we who call ourselves His children should be take it seriously. "Has God said...?" was Satan's first line of attack to separate mankind from God and he continues to use it to great effect today. Like our master, our answer should be "it is written"... That being the case we seek to know and understand the Bible so theology and apologetics books are great tools.

Erin's Picks

Kristyn's Picks
Kristyn works in the gift department here at House of James. Originally starting in the coffeeshop, she moved over to our books and has thrived here. Kristyn has a passion for apologetics, fantasy and children's literature. You can find her Tuesdays to Saturdays.
Lynn's Picks
Lynn is our intrepid shipper and receiver, tackling the mounds of boxes we get in the back for nine years. She also orders in our toys and puzzles and keeps that section organized. In her reading she enjoys getting lost in fantasy, mystery and suspense novels.
Moe's Picks
Moe is a full time Mom and a part time book lover.  She enjoys reading anything that will help her become a better Christian, woman, mother and wife.  She loves books that are uplifting and practical. If they have some humour incorporated, even the better.

Becky's Picks
Becky was the captain of the deck (floor manager), ensuring everything in the daily store life was smooth sailing. Beloved by the front staff and customers alike, Becky is a lover of people, books and the truth. She will read any book that catches her eye. Becky has retired from the bookworld to further enjoy her grand-children and we wish her many happy years with her family. Who knows maybe she'll keep adding new books to her list?

Brittany's Picks
Brittany is an English teacher in the making who is absorbing every ounce of literature she can. She loves historical fiction and fantasy, and is wading into the classics. Story is everything. To quote Madeleine L'engle, "[Jesus] was a God who told stories." She's usually behind the front counter making an endless 'to read' list.